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Provide alternative conceptual structural designs as individual designers

Project description
basically, I have to design an autocad 3 storge building I have done that I just need to write a report about it. below is what I have to include in my report. I will send you my design.

You are invited to provide alternative conceptual structural designs as individual designers, and your tasks are summarised below.
You should produce at least one structural proposal to satisfy the Client requirements.
You should record your solutions using clear, legible annotated sketches and state briefly which solution you may prefer and explain why. At this stage you should give consideration to:
structural materials to be used,
structural grid positions of beams and columns,
lateral stability of the building by indicating how the structure will resist horizontal actions,
directions of roof and floor spans.
In order to get an idea of the feasibility of the member positions you have chosen you should now undertake a preliminary sizing exercise for the main structural elements.
Finally, you should check that your design complies with the client’s requirements and prepare a report to communicate your ideas to the client.

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This is my design

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