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Are there certain strategic elements that were particularly insightful about what Wholesale does?

This course uses a capstone approach to tie together all of your learning outcomes through your MBA program with a focus on strategy, management and application. For the Week 2 case study, you will need to use examples of Wholesale Foods and real-world experiences to answer the prompt.

Activity Instructions
For this case response, address the following:

What struck you as positives and/or negatives about Wholesale Foods and their specific strategies?
Are there certain strategic elements that were particularly insightful about what Wholesale does?
Are there any glaring weaknesses that could jeopardize their success?
The formulation of strategy must take into consideration the dynamics of the industry and its competitors. Who are the competitors for Wholesale Foods? Has the Wholesale Foods strategy been influenced by these competitors?
Create a recommendation section on how to adapt the mission, vision and goals of Wholesale Foods, or in the alternative, why they should continue to keep their current position.

All formal papers for this class require headers in proper APA format. For this assignment, headers should include (but are not limited to) the following:

Positive/Negative Strategies
Insightful Strategic Elements
Recommendation for the Future

Case study assignments must use formal writing, third-person point of view only, use proper APA 6th edition format, include scholarly references and research and provide analysis, not simply definition type writing. The main focus needs to be answering the questions with well-reasoned, insightful analysis. A simple recitation of what is in the case or the text is not adequate. Feel free to make comparisons to other organizations.

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