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Pluto as a Planet Controversy

You will write an outline for an Informative Speech. Any topic. I will upload an example. Needs to be in the same format.

Informative: The topic has to be informative in nature (not persuasive). You get to pick your own topic. The topic has to be specific and not vague. For example you cannot do an informative speech in 5-7 minutes about “Space” or “Planets”, instead you can narrow the topic down to something specific like “Pluto as a Planet Controversy”. Tips: Find something that you are really interested in and already know something about. You also need to think about who your audience is going to be. You do not want to pick a topic your audience already knows a lot about or will think is boring. Example Topics: J.J.Watt, English Bulldogs, Beer Pong, The Egyptian Pyramids, Carnival Cruises, Meaning of Dreams, M&M’s, and Tyler Perry.

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