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Women’s rights has maintained importance in global events, making this piece relevant to current issues.

This is the third Assignments, I just upload the example for the first and the second Assignments, the question is the same, just have to (Please submit annotated bibliographies for two more sources.) This is the question this time. This assignment was locked Oct 7 at 1:59am. Write an annotated bibliography for one source. You may need to research the author of the source for a portion of this assignment. An annotated bibliography include 3 to 4 parts. It includes the documentation for the source being discussed, a paragraph summarizing the source, a paragraph analyzing a source, and an optional paragraph tying the source into a current project (this optional paragraph is not required, yet, but it will be for the final annotated bibliographies). To find sources, consider that Google or Wikipedia, which although are not suitable to use in this paper, can make excellent tools to find relevant articles and well-known experts in a certain field. You should also utilize the library’s electronic database (Links to an external site.), which provides many free scholarly articles that are excellent to use for your final essay. Consider reviewing this link (Links to an external site.) regarding annotated bibliographies and pay attention to my example. To cite your sources in MLA format, you may use the tools offered on the library’s database, Son of Citation Machine (Links to an external site.), or any other automated creator, but ALWAYS double-check for errors in the citations. They do not always get created correctly. EXAMPLE: Engelking, Tama Lea. “Renee Vivien and the Ladies of the Lake.” Nineteenth-Century French Studies (2002): 362+. Literature Resource Center. Web. 9 July 2015. Engulfing writes a fascinating feminist study of the poet Renee Vivien during the late 1800s, specifically the work “The Ladies of the Lake.” Engulfing challenges current theories regarding Vivien’s work and suggests, Ophelia and Vivien of the Lake “represent two sides of a [shifting] feminine gender dynamic.” By examining the difficulties for Renee Vivien while writing “The Ladies of the Lake,” Engulfing is able to build her argument that the work simultaneously succeeds and fails in advocating feminism. This article was published by the University of Nebraska Press in the journal Nineteenth-Century French Studies. Although the issue was published in 2002, Vivien’s work does not often become the center of discussion. Also, since 2002, minority issues, including women’s rights has maintained importance in global events, making this piece relevant to current issues. Engulfing has a Ph.D in French Literature from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and teaches for Cleveland State University’s Modern Language Department. She has published several other literary criticism works, which provides ample credibility.

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