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Writing Guidelines for the Research Papers

Writing Guidelines for the Research Papers:
Required Format:
1. Please follow the standard, professionally acceptable guidelines as required by the American Psychological Association (APA) for writing papers. You may refer to ‘The Penguin Handbook: Custom Edition for Fairmont State University’ for writing style, grammar and formats adopted by the university.

2. The paper should be of about 5 pages not including the title page, table of contents, exhibits, and references.

3. The paper should cite to at least 5 sources for material. They can include articles, books, web sources, etc. If you are citing a web source, please give the complete web address and the time and date when you downloaded the material, in your citation.

4. Please make sure that there are no spelling mistakes in your final draft of the paper submitted.

5. Please include complete details of the course on the front cover of the paper.

choose foreign dulcet simple and clear.

make sure you follow the instructors listed thank you.

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