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Discuss some contrasting views and perspectives in relation to globalisation.

Prepare an essay that demonstrates research and analysis of scholarly articles. The essay should be clear and demonstrate an understanding of the critical key issues and relate this to the relevant theories, research and related material. Your textbook should serve as an initial starting point for commencement of your work.

General Instructions:

Your essay needs to have at least 12-15 references in it. Use the prescribed textbook and 1-3 other current relevant textbooks. At least five (5) of your references should be recent, relevant, peer refereed journal articles sourced from credible databases (namely Google Scholar, Ebsco Host (Business Source Premier) or Emerald). Avoid general internet sites.

Annotated Bibliography Task
There are two (2) parts to undertaking and completing this assessment task. Firstly as a hurdle requirement you need to submit an annotated bibliography which basically summarises contrasting perspectives or approaches from the scholarly research. This could include contrasting perspectives on the particular essay topic. You must paraphrase two (2) recent peer reviewed or scholarly articles. More specifically you need to address the following:

• Paraphrase the author(s) key theories, research approach and findings
• Discuss and critique the underpinning theories, arguments and point out potential strengths and limitations to the author(s) perspective
• Contrast the respective author(s)views and or research methodology highlighted in the respective journal articles

Having completed the annotated bibliography task, and received feedback, you will then complete your essay by undertaking more extensive research on the chosen essay topic. The two articles and annotated bibliography information can be integrated into the essay.

Recommended textbook (assignments)
It is strongly recommended that students access the following textbook that provides practical and detailed information on essay writing, report writing, academic writing as well as oral presentations. The details are:
Jane Summers & Brett Smith, Communications Skills Handbook published by John Wiley& Sons Ltd. There are several editions available.

Essay Question:

Discuss some contrasting views and perspectives in relation to globalisation. What are some arguments for and against Globalisation?

These are only GENERAL instructions. I will upload the in-detail instructions that you have to follow PRECISELY. Please do not just read this. Usually writers read only the general instructions and skip the uploaded files. I trust that you read every single word in all attached files in order to not miss anything and ensure a great mark.

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