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How are White Blues players carrying on an American tradition?

write a short essay (400-500 words) with your response to Albert Goldman’s 1969 editorial “Why Do Whites Sing Black?”. Also attached are two articles that critique the Goldman article (written by the Black Students Alliance and by Mike Daley).

You may address any (or none) of the following questions in your response:
Which of Goldman’s points do you agree with? How are White Blues players carrying on an American tradition?
What markers of authenticity does Goldman mention to reinforce his assertions about Joplin and Butterfield?
Which of the Black Student Alliance’s do you agree with? Is Goldman “stupid” or “ludicrous” in some of his assertions?
Which of Mike Daley’s points do you agree with? Does the idea of “White Blues” carry political connotations about dominant culture and “Otherness”?
Finally: Is White Blues a form of 20th century “minstrelsy“? Why or why not?

Audio of the artists that Goldman discusses (Janis Joplin and Paul Butterfield) can be found
http://www.rhapsody.com/janis-joplin and

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