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The horn is played by Valerie Senavsky (She is the Principle Horn of the DVC Philharmonic)

Please make a concert report based on a song listed below.

Richard STRAUSS, Horn Concerto in No.1 Eb Major, Op.11
The tempo played in the song: Allegro, Andante, Rondo. Allegro
The horn is played by Valerie Senavsky (She is the Principle Horn of the DVC Philharmonic)

– 1 short paragraph (at least 3 sentences) on who the performers (the name of the performer, and/or the name of the group – no long lists of names and biographical info), where they are from, what they perform upon (voice, instrument), etc. (1)
– 1 Paragraph that comments on the physical/social environment inside the concert venue (made this up, it is just a general classic concert)
– 1 or more Paragraphs on the music or section of the music that made the greatest impression upon you. After naming the piece or movement of a larger work, please write according to your “Procedure for Listening to Music” handout; thus, make sure you support subjective impressions… with objective observations, using as many objective parameters as possible. You may refer to information from the program notes (such as what the music is supposed to be about), but you may not copy or quotes from them; in other words, use your own words
– 1 final paragraph on your overall impression of your concert experience.

Here are the source for the Procedure for Listening to Music handout: http://voyager.dvc.edu/~olee/classes/110/6_2.pdf
Use this as the reference of the subjective impressions and the objective impressions

Other sources can be found here: http://voyager.dvc.edu/~olee/home_110.html

This concert was held in DVC Performing Arts Center

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