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How has being a man or a woman influenced my life?

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Part 1:

For the first portion of your journal entry this week, read over the responses that you wrote early in the course to the question: Who Am I? Then add at least three additional responses to this question in relation to your knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about gender, sexual orientation, and abilities and disabilities.

Part 2:

For the second part of your journal entry this week, review and think about the questions below. Then select two or more from each of the sections to respond to:

The Context of Gender and Sexual Orientation

  • How has being a man or a woman influenced my life? How has it limited me? Sustained me? Opened up possibilities?
  • If I had been a man instead of a woman or vice versa, how would my life have been different?
  • What assumptions do I make about other people based on their gender?
  • What assumptions do I make about individuals whose sexual orientation is different from mine?
  • As you walk around your community and watch television, imagine that you are gay, lesbian, or transgendered, and ask yourself the following questions: Where and when do I feel safe? Threatened?

The Context of Abilities and Disabilities

  • What activities or tasks make me feel confident? Uncomfortable or incompetent?
  • When have I had to struggle to learn something? How did that feel? How did I feel about people who grasped it more easily than I did?
  • How have my strengths and limitations affected my schooling? Job choices? Social life?
  • How do I react when I meet and adult or child with a disability?
  • What assumptions about the person’s capabilities do I make on the basis of the disability? Are these assumptions warranted or not?

Assignment length: 2–3 pages

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