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What age are you and do you think this book would be of benefit to others?

Please use the book: Love to turn you on

How does gender-centric thinking lead to misunderstandings about what each gender wants in intimacy?

What does the author mean when he writes ‘leaping across the abyss’ in order to understand the other gender?

According to this author what are some of the biggest challenges in learning to become better lovers?

Do your ideas about the frequency of ‘bad sex’ and possible benefits of more thoughtful lovemaking correlate, conflict with or expand on the author’s ideas? Please explain.

Did you find the conversation between men in their 20’s, an effective vehicle for articulating the author’s ideas?

What do you think about the idea that females need to feel trust and love from their sexual partners? Do you think the same is true for men?

Do you think the approach promoted by the author for making love to a woman is true in all cases? Why?

What age are you and do you think this book would be of benefit to others? Why or why not?

Do you believe males and females differ significantly in their levels of sexual desires and intentions? Why?

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