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What would your team need to do differently in the future to improve business performance?

I want you to please check my work and add references. It is a Personal Reflection report and business performance, I was in a group and we had to come up with a business idea. First, we came up with smoothies and cupcakes but then we were not allowed to sell homemade food/drinks due to safety. The attachment explains everything in detail.
Here are some points that will help also:

– Need to be 1500 words
– Account for the ventures success or otherwise by considering how it performed against your business plan?
– Reflect on your personal contribution to the decision making and actions used to develop the business in your role that you adopted in the business?
– What would your team need to do differently in the future to improve business performance?
better planning and more research on what we are doing before starting, for example we decided to do the smoothies before planing and ask the union if we are allowed to do homemade stuff.
– What evidence do you have of enterprise and employability skills developed to date and how do you think you may use any skills developed in a role in the future?
– Mention the belbin test
– 10 – 15 references

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