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Prepare an outline in complete sentence form for each speech.

Using the template in lesson one, prepare an outline in complete sentence form for each speech. This does not mean writing your entire speech, only the topic sentence for the three to five supporting points that prove your thesis. Include a thesis statement that contains the claim or prediction you will prove or illustrate (which is usually spoken); a purpose statement, indicating the response from the audience you wish to achieve (which is not usually spoken); an introduction; a body, including supporting evidence; transitions; and a conclusion. When you use outside sources in creating your speech, (required in speeches two, three, and four) include them in the speech with a short spoken citation and provide a bibliography on the outline.

Speech 3 (due in week six)

This speech requires the use of research and outside sources in creating your speech; include them in a bibliography as well as citing them in the outline and subsequent speech.

Speech 3 is a 4 to 6 minute (closer to 6 minutes than to 4) speech in which you seek to persuade the audience to take some action or change some behavior or way of thinking. This argument is based on research, not on opinion, values, or beliefs. The essence of this speech is meant to cause the audience to respond in some way.

While you may attempt to elicit an emotional response from the audience, the bulk of your argument must be based on current factual research. Describe to the audience the significance of this research evidence and explain how an analysis of it leads to the proof of your thesis.
An example might be a speech arguing that the United States should (or should not) eliminate pennies from its monetary system or replace dollar bills with dollar coins.

use this template for the outline

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