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SWOT Analysis 2 pages for the file (SICKKIDS IN QATAR)

There are two parts in this order,
The first part is: SWOT Analysis 2 pages for the file (SICKKIDS IN QATAR)

The second part is: answering the following four questions from the file (SICKKIDS IN QATAR), each question in half page individual :

Q1:Perform a political, economic. Social, technological , legal, environmental (PESTLE) and health care context analysis of both Qatar and Canada in a pediatric health care context. Outline key similarities and differences that may facilitate or hinder SickKids expansion.

Q2:Evaluate the factors that must be considered in deciding whether or not to respond to the RFP. Be sure to include your criteria and analysis of each.

Q3:Identify the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of responding to the RFP from SickKids perspective.

Q4:If SickKids made the decision to respond to the RFP and work with HMC to develop a leading pediatric hospital, what strategies would you employ to transition into Qatar? How might you ensure success? Be sure to include risks and a contingency plan.