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Discuss Case study on BMW.

Case study on BMW.


Make sure to follow the basic APA page format for your cases. Basic APA requirements require the use of:


1. One-inch margins all around the document


2. Times New Roman Font that is 12-point size


3. Consistent double-spacing throughout the document between all items including headings and paragraphs.


4. A “Reference” section


5. Standard essay type formatting with indented first line in paragraphs


6. Headings and sub-headings to break up your case analysis such as Introduction, Current Issues or Analysis, Recommendations or Conclusion, and Reference section


7. A minimum of five citations in the case analysis assignment with a minimum of one direct quote


8. A minimum of three sources in the Reference section (one is the textbook) and be sure to list your sources in the Reference section


9. Minimum of 1500 words excluding cover and reference page.


10. Incorporate global business terminology.




Support study no general statements


  • Compare global to US.
  • Pros and Cons
  • Marketing approach in US to Global
  • Target audience


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