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What is the argument against childhood vaccinations?

Quite a bit has been written online over the past decade about possible health risks of childhood vaccinations. This message has moved some parents to avoid having their children vaccinated. To introduce this discussion topic I would like you to listen to this recent episode of the Diane Rehm show from National Public Radio on childhood vaccination. Link:
It is an hour-long show, so be sure to carve out the time to listen. Then use online resources to investigate the following questions:

What is the argument against childhood vaccinations?
What types of sources do you find claiming that childhood vaccinations are dangerous? Do you consider these to be quality science sources? Why or why not?
What does science have to say about this question? Is there good data to show whether children benefit or suffer from vaccination? What are good sources for this information?
The HPV vaccine is relatively recent and is recommended by the Centers for Disease control Link: all girls and boys at age 11 or 12 to prevent cervical and penile cancer. There has been some debate at the state level whether HPV vaccine should be recommended for children. Look into this question and be prepared to discuss the risks and benefits of this vaccine.

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