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Brief introduction about the company before you begin analyzing it.

i’ve uploaded the module for layout read it before analysis the layout of the company.

i also uploaded previous assingment from the last year to get the idea.

, please make sure that you write a brief introduction about the company before you begin analyzing it. Remember that everything in a store/office/factory/building/warehouse/etc is done/placed for a reason. this includes the windows, seating areas, posters on the wall, outside entrance and garden of a building, each of these can be included in your analysis if it is relevant. ~ we will discuss this more in class.

Companies that you may NOT use: Google offices, McDonald’s restaurants, coca cola product display, Harvard university, Microsoft offices, Apple stores, Nike main store in Tokyo, the 7th girls primary school in Yanbu, Baskin Robins, Arabesq, Paris Regional Medical Hospital, Walmart and Ikea.

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