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. Discuss morphology or behavior among the hominins in your response.



This journal entry opens on Wednesday, November 11 at 8 am and closes on Saturday, November 14 at 11 pm.






People always argue that we need to discover the “missing link” in the human evolutionary past. The non-scientific term “missing link,” typically refers to a species that is transitional. In our case, this argument is typically rooted in an idea that there must be on specimen/individual that is a perfect cross between humans and apes. Given what we have talked about so far this semester is there one species/human ancestor that could be the missing link? Or is there a missing link at all? Why or why not? Consider the different species we have been examining this semester. Discuss morphology or behavior among the hominins in your response. Be sure to include your own perspective and morphological evidence in your entry.

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