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Does the arrival of a new baby cause significant marital strain?

Make  a brochure or website, for expectant fathers for the transition into parenthood. You may include the following- need to include the following-

  • What changes can the father anticipate after the baby arrives?
  • Does the arrival of a new baby cause significant marital strain?
  • How can fathers support their partners during and after the transition to parenthood?
  • How might additional births affect the family system?
  • What changes in roles, schedules, and finances might the father expect?
  • What will new fathers find most difficult about the transition to parenthood?

Consider asking new a father what issues he’d like to see addressed in this pamphlet.


Formatting and Resources-

1. You are expected to have at least two references for your pamphlet

2.You do not need to turn in an actual pamphlet– a Microsoft Word document is fine.


500-1000 words  APA format

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