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How would you describe this job?

Lab #4: Elevator Pitch 


This assignment requires that you respond to a series of que

stions as if you were preparing for a 

formal job interview. In class you will deliver a conde

nsed elevator pitch based upon your work.  


1.) Consider the following questions:  

a.) What next job or promotion do you want? (your choi

ce of realistic or ‘dream job’) 

b.) How would you describe this job? (try searching for legi

timate job descriptions) 

c.) What attracts you to this job?  

d.) What qualifications do you have or would you need to be c

onsidered for this job?  

e.) If given the opportunity, what questions would you ask this 

future employer? 

2.) You will then compose a typed 1-2 page double spaced paper ba

sed upon this information. 

You can format the written paper in whatever way works 

for you. You might choose to simply 

repeat the questions and then state your answers. You ma

y alternatively choose to compose an 

essay or perhaps an outline. Just be sure to provide adequate

 responses to all the questions. 

3.) Format your content into a 60 second elevator pitch t

o be presented to the class (does not 

need to be included for the paper). The idea is that you “pi

tch” yourself as if you happened to 

meet your dream employer in an elevator and had only a 

few moments to impress them. You 

may format this pitch by first introducing an imagined em

ployer, and then introducing yourself 

and any qualifications or your interest in working with t

hem. This is not a one size fits all 

exercise so feel free to be creative with your present




Lab #5: Civic Engagement  

This assignment requires that you attend a formal speakin

g event and write a 1-2 page paper 

based upon your experience

You must seek out and attend some public forum, lecture, 

discussion or speech outside of this class. It will be your

 responsibility to find and attend an 

event. Here are some suggestions for acceptable public events:

School sponsored lecture 

School club meeting (make it something you haven

t previously attended) 

Improv or theater performance 

Speech tournament 

Toastmasters (find local clubs at 

Describe the event you attended and share your thoughts and fe

elings related to the event. 

Consider the following questions to help craft a reflectio

n essay: What kind of event did you 

attend? What was the speaker

s message? Did you experience any similar apprehensions as yo

might for a speech? Did any class concepts relate to this ex

perience? How might experiences like 

this impact your future interactions?

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