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What are the five principal manifestations, or places to look for, covert processes?

Need one paragraph for each question (10) below.  Must use resource as noted:  (NEED ASAP)



1. Identify and describe the five covert dimensions that must be addressed by a successful change agent.


2. What are the five principal manifestations, or places to look for, covert processes?


3. Identify nine typical covert issues found in work groups.


4. Identify and describe the 4 M’s of symbolic communication.


5. Identify and describe the five keys for engaging the covert processes.


6. What are the four approaches that help ensure success when you  prepare to put anything on-the-table for open engagement? Briefly describe how each of these approaches work.


7. Identify and describe three types of interventions that can be chosen to confront beliefs in a focal system’s prism.


8. What are the purposes of reframing interventions? What are the abilities needed to understand another’s frame? What are the six principles of reframing?


9. Identify and describe the eight factors that help define the way an organization’s political system operates.


10. What are the three primary reasons that something remains covert? What are the major steps for addressing covert processes?


Title Covert Processes at Work
Author Robert J. Marshak; Ed Schein (Foreword by)
ISBN 978-1-57675-415-3
Publisher Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Incorporated
Publication Date August 1, 2006


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