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Would you recommend investing in the natural gas highway?

You are being asked by your boss to evaluate investing in natural gas transportation. Starting with the Integrative Cases at the end of each section of the text you will submit three papers .  Each paper must be submitted in hardcopy (double spaced) and use the following format:

a. Your boss wants you to be concise. No more than Three (3) pages.

b. Put your name and case number at the top of each page

c. Back up your analysis with solid sources

c. Add end notes for any sources used

2. Case 2.  Use the case on page 304. Again this case was written in 2010-2012. The case predicts a major infrastructure project.  Is it happening? Would you recommend investing in the natural gas highway?  What environmental issues have impacted (+ or -) the natural gas highway?  Again focus on infrastructure, we’ll take on fracking in the final paper

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