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Explain the relationship of geography to other scientific disciplines.


You are required to answer all five (5) of the questions. Although there is no set word limit for these essay questions,you will be graded on your knowledge of the material and the detail with which you write your answers. You should take care to cite your sources in APA format and provide full references in a Works Cited list.


1.  Modern astronomy basically begins with the re-emergence of the

heliocentric view of the universe by Copernicus.   Who were the four other

major contributors to the development of modern astronomy after Copernicus?

Explain what those contributions were.  Finally, why did it take so long for

the geocentric view of the universe to be overthrown and what does that tell

us about scientific research and our society, even today?


2.  Explain the relationship of geography to other scientific disciplines.

What is a good definition for geography or the geosciences in general?  What

are the strengths and weaknesses of geography as a discipline and how do you

think that has influenced its development, or lack thereof?


3.  Weather and climate are separate, but related, terms.  Provide a

definition of each and then give an example of a concept related to both

weather and climate.  Additionally, since they are important issues when

dealing with the subject of climate today, what is the greenhouse effect and

global warming?  Are they the same thing?  If not, how are they different?

What influence would global warming have on “nature” and our lives?


4.  Explain the pressure gradient force, the Coriolis Effect and the

frictional force and their effects on the direction and speed of air at the

surface and aloft in the atmosphere.  Describe the wind and pressure systems

(surface and aloft) that exist in the zone from the Equator to the North

Pole in the Northern Hemisphere.  There is a close relationship between

atmospheric pressure patterns, wind zones and precipitation patterns.  The

global map of total annual rainfall shows great differences in precipitation

received from place to place.  Using at least 3 reasons, explain why this is




5.  Compare/contrast the Mediterranean (Csa) climate found along the coast of

southern California and the humid subtropical (Cfa) climate found in South

Carolina.  Considering that comparison, also explain why the western United

States has dramatically different climates from the eastern United States.

An important consideration when considering climate and climatic change

today is the role of El Nino.  Explain the ocean/atmosphere changes that

take during an El Nino/ENSO cycle and the effects these changes have on our

lives and societies.


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