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Explain the “Impact of global trends” on the business and the environment it operates within.


  1. A.  Explain the “Impact of global trends” on the business and the environment it operates within.
  2. B. Discuss how your “Company uses diversity” within the workplace and how it affects this business.
  • Include issues of Human Resource Management, demographics, and product selection.


  1. Discuss “How environmental/social initiatives have influenced/impacted this business”.


  1. Explain how “Government regulation drives any of the business’ decisions” today and how they might influence decisions of tomorrow.


  1. Briefly, discuss any “Current news events that might impact the internal and external environment of the business”. Did the news change your perceptions or opinion about this business? Why or why not?



  1. For Step 4, “A”, you will “Assess the company’s situation” and make a preliminary decision. Please rewrite the Problem Statement before writing about “A”. By taking a good look at the entire situation, you should be able to make a tentative decision that will help you determine what steps may need to be taken to resolve the problem.  You may need to seek informed and unbiased opinions/information from other sources. You need to treat all of the options equally before making your preliminary decision. Review the information you have gathered previously from project 1 and 2 when you do this section.


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