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Discuss how you would use e-business to support and enhance your chosen channel.

Prepare a 3 – 4 page double-spaced paper that evaluates and recommends distribution channels, pricing, and competitive differentiation. Support your discussion with three academic sources, which may include your textbook, and/or credible business journals such as Barrons, Wall Street Journal and Business Week. Your analysis should include:



Distribution Channels:

• Identify two (2) or more potential distribution channels for your product or service, and discuss three (3) advantages and three (3) disadvantages of each channel; support your analysis with two or more academic sources. Select and justify which channel is best and why.

• Discuss how you would use e-business to support and enhance your chosen channel. Be specific as to what you would do and how you would do it; support your analysis with data.


• Describe why your product or service is price sensitive or price insensitive • Identify and discuss three (3) factors that would influence how to set the price for your product or service, and recommend a competitive pricing structure supporting your analysis with data.


• Discuss how the distribution channel, e-business and pricing strategy will differentiate your product or service from your closest competitor; be specific supporting your analysis with data.

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