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Discuss your plans for a career in social work.

The personal statement should be well written in your own words answering the following questions in a three to five page narrative and adding any additional information that may be helpful to the Admissions Committee:

1. What are your reasons for applying to the Rutgers University School of Social Work?

2. Discuss your personal values, philosophy, knowledge of social issues, and the professional and community experiences that have influenced your decision to enter the profession.

3. Comment on your skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

4. Describe your reasons for choosing a particular focus in the field of social work.

5. Discuss your plans for a career in social work.

6. What skills/characteristics do you have or will develop that will ensure your success as an online student? These may include time management and organizational skills, learning style, writing ability, comfort with computer technology, and self-directedness.

Please write a detailed response to the three supplemental questions below at the end of your personal statement:

1. Tell us why you are choosing an online program over a traditional, on-campus MSW program.

2. Why do you think you will be a successful online student and what challenges might you face as an online student?

3. We are also interested in your ability to fulfill the field education requirement. After carefully reviewing the field education requirements, please describe any challenges you foresee in meeting the field education requirement and how you plan to manage the field education hours with your other life commitments.

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