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Start a “Learning Log” in a spiral, small notebook, or on loose-leaf paper. Do not submit the learning log response with this homework. The entire learning log will be submitted at the end of the semester and will count as a separate homework grade. Throughout the semester, you will be given a prompt for writing in your learning log. The length of these prompts will vary, but all responses should be thoughtful, coherent, and strive to use correct grammar and spelling. For this prompt, a short paragraph should be sufficient. Here’s the prompt:


Learning Log:1:

Reflect on the relationship between design and structural demand. How do you determine the “maximum” load on a structure? Is the “maximum” load always a positive value (consider tension vs. compression, positive vs. negative bending, etc.)? One paragraph




Learning Log 2:

How do the multiple failure paths considered for staggered fasteners relate to ϕ P subscript n calculation?


One paragraph should be fine.  Reflect not just on the variable explanation but also on the concept of multiple failure paths / limit states as a whole.



Learning log 3 :

one paragraph . Describe the difference between designing a member for compression member for tension .Which do your prefer, and why ?



Learning log 4 :

Briefly summarize your first team meeting to discuss the design project for this course.  How do you intend to get started and/or approach the design? One to two paragraphs.



Learning Log #5:

State the principle of superposition in your own words. Why can you use beam shortcuts to fund ultimate moment demand for problem 5.5-4 but not for 5.5-9? One paragraph



Learning Log #6


What was the most confusing part of the beam-column homework? One paragraph


two paragraphs in one page , so three pages


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