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Any one familiar with Introduction to Physical Anthropology?

any one familar with Introduction to Physical Anthropology? i need help with one discussion board and one Virtual Labs

1)Discussion Board forums on various topics.  For each forum, you are responsible for posting answers to the discussion question(s) in the forum as well as responding to at least two other student’s posts. That equals a total of three posts for each forum.  Deadlines are specified in the Course Schedule. Each topic forum is worth a maximum of 20 points. Points will be deducted for posts that lack relevance, effort or show major gaps in understanding, or if you fail to contribute the required number of posts. Be concise but express yourself clearly, and with standard grammar.

2)Short exercises that ask you to apply concepts from physical anthropology. You will read articles or explore websites, then apply what you learned by writing a short essay and/or answering some questions

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