Combine the work of a spoon and sugar shaker into one part or product

the concept of the project is to facilitate any  substance  adding into any liquid such as sugar and coffee , we would like to combine   the work of a spoon and sugar shaker into one part or product . so it would be like an electric spoon that  has a sugar storage .

the electric spoon will equal the the work of a regular spoon but its faster . the electric spoon consist of a small fan ( that is going to do the mixing ) connected with a shaft whom connected to a dc motor that is going to do the spinning process . the design as attached would be like the size of flash light .
the electric part of the product consist of dc motor and wires and a battery and an electric switch to convey the power and can control it as well .
customers : Senior citizens . coffee shops and restaurant as well   .
bottom part : sugar storage design
costs : dc motor 1.25 $
wires 0.60$
electric switch 3 $
small fan 6$
we used a 3d printer to manufacturer the part ,
the report should be  (14 pages ) and about :
concept selection ,
method of research
the components of the product and the materials that have been used
. testing
costs and
reference book product design and development  fifth edition by karl T , ulrich
website for slides and information about the class  of the course ( MSE 415 )  :
the design drawing is attached