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Define what happens when a user interacts with the environment.

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Assignment 2: OOP

This assignment will give you an opportunity to work with basic switch statement, multiple alternative if statements, and properly indented and nested double alternative if statements.

Complete the following programs:

  1. Statements

Assume that quest is an integer variable containing a question number. Write a program that places the last name of a US President into the Text property of textbox txtOut according to the following criteria:

  • “Washington” (if quest = 0), “Lincoln” (if quest = 1), “Jefferson” (if quest = 2), or “Roosevelt” (if quest = 3).
  • Write the above mentioned program:
    • Using switch statement
    • Using multiple alternative if statements
    • Using only properly indented and nested double alternative if statements

Save the interface as Switch.cpp.



  1. Program Design Game Formulas

Most computer games use formulas to define what happens when a user interacts with the environment. For example, the formula for how much damage a player inflicted on a monster might be something like:

damage = (player strength + player weapon) – monster’s protection

Assume that there are 100 possible values for each of the variables on the right side of this formula (from 0 = weak to 99 = strong).

Write a program that:

  • Allows the users to enter their strength, weapon strength, and the monster’s protection
  • Finds out what the damage will be on clicking a button

Design a complete solution, including an interface sketch, object table, data table, algorithm, table of testing strategy, and trace examples of good and invalid data through the algorithm to verify that it is correct.

Save your program as GameFormula.cpp.

Submission Details:”


Embed the two programs in a Microsoft Word document with a description of your programming strategy.

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