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Highlight some features of ELT that play a role in the everyday classroom—if possible, on various levels.

 Article Submission

  1. Write a practical article, designed for ELT teachers  which addresses cultural tips, techniques or other issues in the ESL/EFL classroom.


  1. The length requirement is 1000 words or more, not including references.  Consult your publication of choice for their length restrictions and do not exceed them.  Include the publishing guidelines when turning in your paper.


  1. A Project Proposal is due during Week #8.  Your proposal should include:
  2. A one-paragraph statement that describes the purpose  of your paper.
  3. An  outline of the article describing 1) the rationale, 2) the implications and 3) suggestions for the classroom  teacher.
  4. A list of references including at least 3 sources that relate to your selections.  Use references of class readings as long as they relate clearly to your topic. Include outside readings also.


  1. A suggested newsletteris TESOL Connections .

Other possibilities include:  CATESOL Journal, RELC, and ELT Journal. Find their authors’ guidelines online.




  1. Description:  TESOL Connections require  “featured articles” that are 900-1200 words and that:  (The following list is taken directly from the website.)
  2. Are practical in nature and written for a general ELT audience. (Please keep in mind that this is a newsletter article and not a research article, though you are welcome to include resources and research recommendations at the end.)
  3. Highlight some features of ELT that play a role in the everyday classroom—if possible, on various levels.
  4. Incorporate important points that educators can take away and use.
  5. Are about innovative, unusual, or interesting things you have found in your years of experience in ELT
  6. Trends in ELT and how they might influence teaching (positively or negatively)
  7. Useful, tested classroom practice tips or strategies


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