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How does a proposed rule become an effective rule (


  1. Discuss the role of the PCAOB as it relates to auditors. Why is the PCAOB important to auditors?  (about 2 pages)
  2. How does a proposed rule become an effective rule (
  3. On the PCAOB’s website, examine the Auditing Standards before reorganization and the reorganized Auditing Standards.  Why do you think the auditing standards were reorganized?  How do might the reorganization impact professional auditors?  (between 2 – 3 pages)


When I read your submission, I make sure that:

  • Each sentence is complete
  • Each sentence makes sense, i.e. subject verb agreement,
  • Each paragraph makes sense, i.e. the paragraph does not contain random sentences that are disconnected
  • Each paragraph communicates a specific message
  • Paragraphs in each section are related to the theme of the section
  • There are transitions between paragraphs


The goal of writing is to communicate a message.  Make sure that your writing communicates the message that you want to convey.

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