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This is a Report to be present at a PhD meeting.

This is a Report to be present at a PhD meeting.
The report imperatively needs to include:
Background; Research question; Hypothesis and aims
You can find an example of what I am expecting on the “Example Upgrade Report” document.
The data has been collected accordantly to the “Data_Taken Protocol” document so please use this as reference for development of the report
On the study document entitled “Biophysical Modeling to Simulate the Response” – it was discovered that "The only metric to show a consistent correlation with the CRT response was the peak rate of cumulative activation in Left ventricle" – which is basically where my PhD thesis is around.
In the study entitled “Mechanistic insights into the benefits of multisite pacing” it was found that CRT response was more related with the peak rate of cumulative activation in Left ventricle assessed between the 10th and 90th centiles of the activation time – which is what I am assessing for my PhD.
I am expecting the final document report to be in the same format as the “Example Upgrade Report” document
Please review the powerpoint with the name “Thesis Progression Committee Meeting ISB Edit” where the entire background is explained – all of this needs to be explained on the report. The report should include the items described in the example report up to preliminary results as I do not have any data yet

More references are within the documents

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