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How what the people did, regarding the regions physical geography, affect its political future and institutions?

For the weekly and final writing assignments, you will need to pick one of the regions (and continue with this region throughout the course) outlined in the text to pursue further study. These include: Europe, Russia, the Middle East & North Africa, South and East Asia, Oceania, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the United States and Canada. NOTE: you cannot pick a region that you are from, for example, if you are from the United States, you must pick another region.

The papers are designed to provide you a chance to do more in-depth research and develop a greater understanding of a specific region based on the readings and class discussions. By the end of the class session, your shorter papers will be combined into a larger, and more developed paper on your specific region.

So what do I need to do for these papers?

Get a piece of paper, or a note pad or even a Post-it ® pad.  If you use a larger piece of paper, fold it in to quarters, or fourths.  That way you can use the four parts (eight if you use the back) to separate and organize your thoughts.

Now imagine yourself in your region, and imagine you are at an open space where there are many people whom you can observe, talk too, and interact with as well.

Now, consider these questions to formulate your outline and your fourth paper (Physical Systems):

  1. What happened to the ecosystems of the region when the people changed the environment? Where the changes made for the better or for the worse, for the region?
  2. How what the people did, regarding the regions physical geography, affect its political future and institutions?
  3. Make a final statement including your opinion and conclusions.


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