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What are 3 themes that stand out in helping you understand Arab Muslims better?

After reading and reviewing the link (video) and material in this module/week’s Reading & Study folder, reflect upon what you have learned and include pertinent aspects in your answers to the following questions:


What are 3 themes that stand out in helping you understand Arab Muslims better? Include 1 theme out of these that helps you better understand Islamic extremist terrorism. Note that terrorism is not being excused in asking you to understand something about it. Indeed, you should have a balanced perspective. What is 1 question you would like to ask Rheam that Dr. Garzon did not?



Your thread must be 350–450 words. Please remember to include appropriate formatting using the APA manual, 6thed. This is very important and is included in the assignment rubrics. Be precise, concise and clear-cut when completing your assignments. Graduate quality work is expected to be free from spelling and grammatical errors, written according to the most current APA formatting guidelines, and adhere to the specific assignment instructions that are provided. APA style also applies to reference pages and citations. Please…the grading rubric that is attached to guarantee that every aspect is met. 



Course Textbooks:

Hays, D. G., & Erford, B. T. (2010). Developing multicultural counseling competence: A systems approach. New York, NY: Pearson. ISBN: 9780132432412.


McGoldrick, M., Giordano, J., & Garcia-Preto, N. (2005). Ethnicity and family therapy (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Guliford Press. ISBN: 9781593850203.



Textbook Readings

  • Hays & Erford: ch. 10


  • McGoldrick et al.: ch. 31


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