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What are the three steps for solving a quadratic equation?

1.What is the difference between an equation and an expression?Can we multiply every term of an equation by anything we want?  How about an expression?How do you find the common denominator of two or more fractions? (Give a step by step method.)

2.What are the three steps for solving a quadratic equation?When do you have to use the quadratic formula?When can you use the root method to solve a quadratic equation?

3.How do you find the zeros of a polynomial? (Step by Step).

4.What is a logarithm?

If your employer asked you to select one of these options:

Option 1:  Your salary for the next two months will be $5,000.

Option 2: 1 penny for the first day; then, he will double your salary every day for the next two months.

Which would you pick and how  much will your salary be at the end of the first month?

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