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What is the American dream and does it still exist?

(3-4)pages, typed, double-spaced, 1 in. margins, 12 pt. Times font, MLA format)

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It’s been a memorable journey of discovery during the past couple months. We’ve explored the development of our individual literacy, various aspects of higher education, and are currently traveling a road in search of the American dream. All of this exploration has been accomplished through a combination of knowledge-building facets: reading, discussion, and writing.


By studying the writing of others we are able to juxtapose our own thoughts with various perspectives, discovering unspoken truths through extensive discussion in the classroom as well as responsive writing and reflection (i.e., weekly responses). With the acknowledgment of others’ writing we are then able to develop our opinions, claims, and arguments through personal writing—writing that exemplifies the treasured details of our personal exploration. It is my hope that through such writing you’ve gleaned a better understanding of who you are and who you want to become; now is your opportunity to take this discovery further and participate in a larger conversation.





Taking comprehensive consideration of all our previous coursework, you are to write a well-prepared essay that answers (or attempts to answer) the following question: What is the American dream and does it still exist? In your efforts to answer this question you should revisit our past readings/discussions/notes on the various issues of literacy and higher education, and pay particular attention to our current readings on the American dream itself. You may also incorporate anything we’ve watched / heard throughout the course as you see fit (as foundation, support, examples, etc.), applying them to shed as much light possible upon your argument regarding the American dream.




  • If your idea of the American dream has evolved as the result of recent reading / discussion consider writing about how its changed and why
  • You are welcome to incorporate your personal dream and how it correlates (or not) with your definition of the American dream
  • In-text citations and a Works Cited page are mandatory
  • All previous drafts must be attached to the back of your final draft
  • There are countless ways to approach this question so one of the most important aspects of this essay will be during your pre-writing / planning stage(s).
  • It’s your time to shine so rock out.


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