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What you are evaluating in each type of evaluation.

Disaster Prevention in Escambia, FL


Describe how process, impact, and outcome evaluations would be used in a health promotion program for Disaster Prevention Escambia, FL. Include what you are evaluating in each type of evaluation. At the minimum, your paragraphs/topics within your submission should include:


A brief, introductory paragraph describing your program. At a minimum, the program should be described in enough detail that the mission, goal, and objective are understood.

Process Evaluation — What are you evaluating in a process evaluation? How will you apply it within your program?

Impact Evaluation — What measures or impacts are you evaluating in your program (i.e. what effect(s) or change is your program supposed to have)?

Outcome Evaluation — What is the ultimate goal of your program? How will you measure it? What is it measured by (typically by some type of epidemiological data)?



Assignment Conditions

At least 1 page in length (not including sources)


DOUBLE-spaced, 1″ margins


Arial font, Size 11 or 12 only

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