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Write notes of political parties (define,where do you find them, what kind of system they have, example .. etc)

1- Write notes of each of the following  (6-7 sentences  each)

a-political parties (define,where do you find them, what kind of system they have, example .. etc)


b- political cultural (define , why its important, and how it different from country to country, and examples… etc)


c-political socialization ( those factors that influence the socialization process, how people become socialize, …etc)


d- public opinion ( define, how its shaped, )




the next following at least ¾ page


2-discuss the tactics employed by interest group in pursuit of their goals ?

(what the interest group are,and how its different from political party,what their goals , list the tactics … etc)


3- what factors influence voting behavior ?

(why voting is important in democratic system, examples etc)


4- what are the function of political parties ?

( what do they do,  etc

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