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Discuss book Every Day, A is exposed to many social justice issues through his experiences in different bodies.

Group Presentation

Social Justice

For this project you will be placed into a group and assigned a specific issue that relates to social justice. I have chosen this topic because in the book Every Day, A is exposed to many social justice issues through his experiences in different bodies. The following topics are all touched upon in the novel. You will select your top choices of topics in class from the following issues: drug addiction; LGBTQ issues; poverty/unequal distribution of wealth; labor issues (underage workers/exploitation of undocumented workers); animal rights; identity theft; mental illness/depression; obesity; women’s rights.

You and your group must give a presentation to the class about the issue that you are assigned. Your group’s presentation should have a clear thesis/argument about this particular issue. You must keep in mind that your audience may not be familiar with this issue; therefore, you will need to briefly summarize the problem without explaining more than is necessary. Include at least three secondary sources (either summarized/paraphrased or quoted) in your presentation. Cite sources using MLA format.

The presentation can be in either PowerPoint or Prezi format and will be ten minutes in length. The presentation should include images and graphics to accompany the text. The slides should have a minimal amount of text; use bullet points when possible. Do not have large amounts of text, as the audience does not want to read and listen to you speak at the same time. Use the bullet points to help you remember the ideas that you want to discuss. Everyone in the group must talk. Decide in advance who will discuss which slides. Be sure to rehears and time the presentation.

50 Points:

*Group has a completed PowerPoint or Prezi presentation.

*Group Adheres to the time limit (between 9-11 minutes)

*Thesis is stated clearly in the beginning.

*Issue briefly summarized.

*Presentation has been rehearsed.

*Members not reading directly from slides.

*Text stated concisely on slides.

*All members speak.

*Images included.

*Three secondary sources referenced and cited in MLA format.

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