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How have these people and experiences influenced how you participate in your community?

REFLECTION PAPER PROMPT: Develop Your Civic Pathway

answer all parts of the prompt below. Engage critically with the prompt, clearly articulating your experiences and plans. Back them up with concrete examples.

Tools to use: Reflection paper: Draw on in-class activities, direct service experience, pre-Drexel experiences and your personal values to inform your paper. You are welcome to use academic sources. You must use concrete examples for demonstrate your argument.

Foundation and past experience

  • Identify the individuals and past experience that have most informed your values.
  • How have these people and experiences influenced how you participate in your community?


Time at campus

  • Through this course, you were exposed to many different examples of what civic engagement can look like. Keeping these examples in mind, what will civic engagement look like for you during your time here at Drexel?
  • During your time at campus, how will you contribute to university’s goal “to become to the most civically engaged university in the United States”?


Professional and personal goals, mapping out your future

  • What social issue/s do you want to be involved in after your time at Drexel? What sort of impact do you hope to have? Will your impact be local, regional, national or international?
  • What is the public purpose of your future profession? How might someone in your future profession be engaged in public problem-solving to improve the community s/he is a part of?

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