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Review of the relevant literature.


In attachment, it has my abstract for my paper that gives you the main idea of what I want you to write in my paper. In fact, it must be:

  • The body of the paper should present the substance of my argument. In longer research paper, you should always include a review of the relevant literature.
  • The conclusion should bring together the various parts of the paper and lead to my final analysis or judgment about the question. Please indicate whether the research has left important questions unanswered, or where future research might begin.


Likewise, it must be:

  • Double-space.
  • 1- Inch margins on all sides.
  • Pages should be numbered in succession, in the lower right hand corner, with the title page being page 0
  • 10 pages
  • Seven primary source references.  (APA Format)
  • NO plagiarism ( I have tried post many and I refunde. Please, do not waste my time and your time.) 


  • Follow my level in English.


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