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Analysis three scenes/sequences, paying equal attention to form as to content.

please read worksheet as carefully as possible, because every tiny thing is important to me, please follow every steps from the worksheet. thank you so much!


this assignment is focus on a particular scenes!! I already give you the scenes/sequences (in worksheet) find your movie clip, and only focus it, please do not write about entire plot. Only particular scene analysis be accepted, but you can relate to the entire movies and talk about why this these movie are important in each movie.

Analysis three scenes/sequences, paying equal attention to form as to content.
(the flowing steps are very very important!!!! Please make sure your paper include all of steps)

1) Discuss matters such as shots, composition, lighting, colors, editing, soundtrack, etc.
2) Connect the scenes/sequences to the larger themes of the film. Since these scenes/sequences are a bit on the long side, there is no requirement to discuss every single little thing.
3) Tailor your discussion and select your materials according to the argument you wish to make.

(your argument important!!!)

no source require

if it possible please watch whole movie, it can helps you understand movie clips

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