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Describe any conclusions derived from the report, or provide a summary of information provided in paper.

Recommended length:  at least 5 double spaced pages plus a title page.  The max length is 10 pages. Handwritten papers will not be accepted. The supporting materials (figures, tables, etc.) should not exceed 25% of the paper.


Topic: Topics should be limited to the Basic Stamp and other microcontroller applications. You are, however, strongly encouraged to find novel and unusual applications. Commercial applications are strongly recommended. Remember, you are looking for a real-world application of a microcontroller-based system, preferably basic stamp-based. You need to have schematics and explain sample codes and possibly interfacing sensors and external devices.

Paper Format

The paper should include each of the following headings


Title Page

Include title of paper, name, date and submittal information (“Submitted as a Requirement for ET-3650”)



Please preface your paper with an abstract of no more than 150 words.  The reader should be able to determine interest in the paper from the abstract. No tables, figures, or equations may be included in the abstract.



Provide a list of up to ten keywords to help identify the major topics of the paper.


1. Introduction/Background (choose one)

Briefly describe topic for paper. Define any special terms or acronyms. Provide background information needed for clarity. No more than two paragraphs.


2. Main Topic (make these headings fit your topic)

A. Sub Topic

i. Sub topic

This is where detailed information on your topic is presented. Any tables, figures, or equations should be included in this section and should be numbered and referenced in the paper.


3. Conclusion/Summary (choose one)

Describe any conclusions derived from the report, or provide a summary of information provided in paper. Statements should be clear and concise. No more than two paragraphs.



Conclude your paper with your list of citations. Each paper must have a minimum of three references. References bring credibility to the paper, so ensure each citation is complete and correct. References should be commonly available publications

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