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What are the classes of compounds best suited for GC/MS and LC/MS analysis?

In your 2-page paper, please discuss the following points or questions in addition to the points covered in the class debate.

1. What are the classes of compounds best suited for GC/MS and LC/MS analysis? Why so?

2. What are the volatility limits of GC/MS in terms of analyte boiling points or vapor pressures? What are the benefits of analyte derivatization in GC/MS analysis.

3. Why is tandem mass spectrometry more important or commonly used in LC/MS compared to GC/MS? Why is it difficult to set up a mass spectral database for LC/MS application relative to GC/MS?

4. According to the paper by Siuzdak et al., LC/MS is more suitable than GC/MS for metabolomics study because of thermal degradation of analytes. Give examples and elaborate on the discussion of why LC/MS is the more suitable technique for metabolomics.

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