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Write a perfect memo

1- Sample lab MEMO
2- Requirements in a MEMO
You should write from scratch (DO NOT PARAPHRASE THIS!) Everything should be understood and then it should be written from scratch, so basically this sample that is attached is to help you understand what is needed and Please be careful to make this lab memo the best lab memo you have ever done. It worth a lot and it is my last lab memo, so it needs to be perfect so that I get the chance to pass this lab course. Please this is really important try your best. You can’t take any sentences or copy anything because this will be tested by a very high quality turnitin system so please be careful not copy either from the sample or from the internet or any other sources (NOTHING CAN BE COPIED). Off course, you could search and learn so that you become able to write a perfect memo but DON’T COPY! + Add any resources you have used in understanding the idea in the references section Please. All of th eparts found in the sample are required to be written from scratch. Thank you,

You should also know that my friend and I ordered a lab memo using the same sample. This sample that is attached is for one of our colleagues and it is already uploaded on trnitin, so please no coping or paraphrasing (it should be written from scratch). This memo should be of a high quality and well written.
Resources should be formatted with the same format in the sample I don’t know the style naming.

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