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Discuss Welfare laws are definitely difficult

Welfare laws are bad, not for society, but for the people they are meant to help.” Discuss



due soon as you can right now.


also i have to respond two people.


1-Welfare laws are definitely difficult. If you’re on Welfare you’re expected to work or go to school. That is awesome, right? Not necessarily. As soon as you start working and making a small amount of money, the resources you had slowly start going away. Day care assistance, medicaid, and food stamps are all part of the same Welfare system. If you make over a certain amount, you lose your benefits. But again, if you don’t work, you lose your assistance. For a single parent or parents with disabled children or parents, this is very difficult. They are put between a rock and a hard place.

I completely agree that there are people that play the system. Believe me, I’ve seen it. How they get away with not having to follow the rules, is beyond me. This unforunately, destroys the system for those that are trying to just get off their feet. So many needy people get turned away for the smallest detail. There has to be a better system that truly provides a benefit to those that truly need it.



2-I completely agree with you Rubi!!! Don’t get me wrong but a lot of people out there actually need it desperately and then there are those who play the system and get too much of the benifits when they really dont need it at all. Ive seen this teenager girl with 4 kids and she had told us that she had everything she needed because of welfare and all the programs they offered. Im not kidding but all her children were rockin’ jordans and expensive clothing and the whole 9 yards! I guess people choose an easy way out of working a job and want handouts. :/

I do feel sorry for the people who get overlooked when they truly need help and thats because the people who dont need it as much destroyed that oppertunity.

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