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Discusses broader planning process that activity is part of

You will observe and analyze one participatory planning event

Plan on taking detailed notes during the event on the types of actors present and their involvement.

Pay attention to who the decision-makers are and how they respond to participants’ input, as well as what the outcomes of the activity are and how the information will be used.

You will write a short reflection on the event that you observed.

Describe the event, including the broader planning process the activity supports, the dynamics among the participants, the specific techniques used and their strengths and weaknesses, and the outcomes,

Next, address what you found most surprising about what you observed and why.

Conclude by suggesting ways the process could be improved upon and/or drawing lessons that could be applied to other processes, if little improvement is needed. Include at least three citations from different chapters in the class readings to support claims made.




Includes 3 citations from the class readings

Discusses broader planning process that activity is part of

Describes dynamics among participants

Describes techniques used

Assesses strengths and weaknesses of techniques

Addresses what found most surprising

Includes suggestions or lessons learned

Grammatical correctness and clarity



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