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Which sociological perspective(s) would you use to analyze this article?


State the title of the Article

Make an opening thesis statement and then introduce the topic your article.


(25 Points)


Summarize the beginning, middle and conclusion of what the article is about, in your own words. Do NOT make any judgments or opinions in your summary. Your summary should include the main points/ideas of the article and it should be written in such a way that when you end your summary, I know the essence (beginning, middle and conclusion) of the article, even if I had not read it.


(25 Points)




(100 Points)

This part of the paper MUST be detailed. Use specific examples (where applicable) to clarify your discussion!


Type (or copy and paste) each question and then answer it.

1. What are the strengths of the article? (10pts)

Discuss the strengths and include 2 (or more) detailed, concrete examples to 4 support your argument(s)

2. What are the weaknesses of the article?

Discuss the weaknesses and include 2 (or more) detailed examples) (10pt)

I will NOT accept that there were no weaknesses. Use your critical thinking skills to analyze two concrete weaknesses of the film (Use examples to support your argument(s).

3. What makes this article sociological? (10pts)

Discuss what you believe makes this article sociological. Include 3 (or more) detailed examples to clarify your arguments.

Use 3 (or more) sociological terms/concepts with examples and definitions to support your arguments) in context to what the article is about.

Do not include the terms/concepts without relating them to the article.

(Underline each of the three sociological terms and definitions).

4. How does the issue/topic impact society? Are there specific groups impacted by this topic more than others?

Discus how this topic impacts society and specific groups within society

(Include 2 or more detailed examples to support your arguments). (10pts)

5. Which sociological perspective(s) would you use to analyze this article?

Structural Functionalist, Conflict, Symbolic Interactionist or a combination

of all three perspectives? (Refer to Ch. 1) (10pts)

In your discussion, use concrete example(s) and explain WHY you saw the article from one, two or all three perspectives. (BE DETAILED by using examples to support and defend your position.

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