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Analyze the overall competitive environment, including market conditions.

You will use these readings in your Unit 10 discussion and assignment.

This is your biggest paper for this course and covers information from Units 8, 9, and 10 directly (corporate new business strategies, innovation, partnerships and alliances, and executing strategic priorities), while also linking to previous topics covered in Units 1 through 7. Review the Growth Strategies, Innovation, Alliances, and Execution video, linked in the Resources, for additional information that will help you complete your assignment.

For this assignment, select one specific strategic business unit (SBU) of a publicly traded organization. (Your choice must be a different industry and different company from the ones you used in previous assignments.) An example would be Commercial Aviation, which is an SBU for Boeing.

Using the SBU you have selected, complete the following:

  • Analyze the overall competitive environment, including market conditions.
  • Evaluate the current growth and new business strategies, along with implications.
  • Analyze the organization’s primary business model.
  • Evaluate the organization’s competencies and resources.
  • Evaluate the leveraging of growth strategies and resources through partnerships and alliances.
  • Identify future opportunities for innovation (disruptive, value, blue ocean, and/or fast second) based on past success and failures.
  • Assess the organization’s ability to effectively execute its growth strategies. Show how the strategies compare, based on past results, with the 10 components of the strategy execution model referred by Thompson et al. in Chapter 10 of your text.
  • Analyze the organization’s corporate culture and leadership and how they are evidenced in this organization.
  • Develop a strategy map (balanced scorecard).

In addition, your submitted assignment must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 2,400 words.
  • Follow APA (6th edition) guidelines for style and formatting, and include a cover page and appropriate headings.
  • Use a minimum of seven PRJs and PJs and other references in addition to the assigned readings; you must include one or two references on theory and five or six references on your case study organization.

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