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Create a Visual C# Windows Forms Application with the following user Interface

Due: 12/13

Create a Visual C# Windows Forms Application with the following user Interface:



  1. Implement a simple calculator shown in the picture above. Meaning of symbols are:


  1. To manage the data in the memory, you should create a Student class and a list holding Student objects.


  1. When the “Open File” button is clicked, the application should show an OpenFileDialog. Once, a file is selected, read the data about the students (Student ID, Student Name, Phone Number) from the file (.txt) and show the path of the file in Path to Data File Textbox. Then, add each student’s ID, student’s name, and phone number to the Student Data List box as shown above. Students’ data also should be store in the list of Student objects.


  1. When “Add Student” button is clicked, the application should read the text boxes named Student ID, Student Name, and Phone Number and add this data to the list box at the bottom of the existing data in the list box. It should also add a Student object to the list of Student objects in the application. After that, the text boxes should be cleared.


  1. When “Delete Student” is clicked, the application should check the highlighted student in the ListBox and delete that Student object from the student collection. It should also remove the entries from the list box for the corresponding student.


  1. When the “Save Data” button is clicked, the application should save the (updated) Students collection to the file specified in the Path To Data File TextBox, as comma separated values. The saved file should reflect the adds and deletes done on the form.


  1. For other details, follow the interface in Microsoft Office programs.


  1. Submit your ZIPPED application folder to Blackboard.


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